The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited and used rooms in your entire household. So when you’ve decided to undertake a bathroom remodeling project, why not splurge a little? Make it luxurious and create a place that everyone can enjoy. Here are a few upgrades the Saskatoon, SK general contractors at J.A.B.A. Construction suggest that you consider for your bathroom remodeling job or bathroom addition:

  1. Toilets – Invest in the latest models of toilets. This guarantees that they’ll run efficiently and will have the latest features. We’ll help you figure out the best toilet options for your home based on the latest and greatest products on the market today.
  2. Countertops – Countertops say everything about the style and look of your bathroom. Go with a modern, low-maintenance, and sleek countertop and you’ll instantly add an element of class – and they’re easy to maintain, too!
  3. Cabinets – Make sure that the cabinets you get choose and blend into the style of your countertops. Smooth dark wooden cabinets give off a beautiful subtlety. Choose solid and strong materials that will last for many years to come.
  4. Tiling – Tile can really change the mood of a room. It can offer a graceful aesthetic or give your bathroom a splash of accented color. Just make sure you take time to choose your design so it doesn’t appear too busy or hastily put together.
  5. Fixtures – When you pick out your fixtures, try to find styles that match the rest of your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to get nice fixtures, it can really give your bathroom a “wow” factor.

If you’re looking for a first-rate general contracting service in Saskatoon to help you with your luxury bathroom remodeling project, call J.A.B.A. Construction. We’ll design a master bathroom or guest bathroom for you that’s beautiful and peaceful. Both you and your guests will have a place that’s perfect for rejuvenation!