Bathroom remodeling jobs always come with a long list of decisions that have to be made. What type of countertops will you have? What about the fixtures? These questions become even more important when you’re remodeling a master bathroom. Typically, there’s more space to work with in a master bath. That means you can try new things and add some little luxuries you may have never had before. Here are some ideas from the expert remodeling contractors at J.A.B.A. Construction.

  1. Upgrade the showers. A larger shower may be in your remodeling plans. If so, consider adding a multi-head shower. You can also add built-in bench seats. Consider finishing the shower in ceramic tile.
  2. His and hers. If your bathroom remodel includes an expansion of your existing space, add his and hers sinks and vanities. You’ll have more space to get ready and won’t have to wait on anyone else. Even adding his and hers towel racks can make a big difference in convenience.
  3. Bigger and better. Remodeling your master bath gives you the opportunity to upgrade just about every aspect of the room. This is especially true if you’re enlarging the space. Today’s bathrooms are more spacious than ever before and can accommodate more features. Consider installing an extra-large tub or additional counter space.
  4. More storage. Adding cabinets and other storage is a fairly common upgrade in remodeling jobs. But what about adding a linen closet or a walk-in closet in your bathroom? These features are becoming more and more popular.
  5. Make it feel like home. Bathrooms are becoming more¬†luxurious. Design ideas from other areas of the home are now finding their way into a room that used to be purely functional. Consider adding artwork on the walls. If you really have a lot of space to work with, think of adding a sitting area with plush chairs and rugs. You’ll think you’ve gone to the spa without leaving home.

Ready to turn your master bath into your own personal refuge? Talk to J.A.B.A. Construction to find out how we can transform your space through bathroom remodeling. Request a quote today!