When it comes to residential construction projects, you want to find the best general contractors to get the job done. But before a contractor can get started, you have to find the one that offers the best estimate for your project. Here’s how you can hire a general contractor in Saskatoon, SK like J.A.B.A. Construction with the best estimates:

  1. Contact the contractors – Call or meet in person with multiple Saskatoon contractors. Discuss your project, different types of materials you’re interested in, design ideas, and more. Much of the final estimate will focus on the type and number of materials used for the project. Good contractors will want to help you get the materials you want and will work with your budget.
  2. Compare their prices – Narrow down your choices to two or three general contractors, then compare their prices. You want to work with an experienced staff that doesn’t try to cheat you with cheap prices – or one that charges way too much for what you’re asking for. Find the balance between the two extremes.
  3. Delivery of the estimate – One sign of a good contractor is that they keep their promises regarding delivery of the estimate. If a contractor says they will get you an estimate by a certain day, but you don’t hear back from them, stay away. If you can’t rely on them to meet this type of deadline, you may not be able to trust them to meet construction deadlines – or abide by the estimate.

When you’re ready to remodel or renovate your home and are looking for a general contractor in Saskatoon, you need a team that’s open to communication and will make sure that you get what you want at a reasonable price. At J.A.B.A. Construction, we offer all of the above and more! Call us today and request a quote. You can rely on us for quality work and quality pricing for all your residential construction needs.