Any type of home improvement project can be thrilling! But your excitement and joy can quickly turn to doom and gloom if you hire a contractor who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. J.A.B.A. Construction’s general contractors in Saskatoon, SK want to share some advice on how to best avoid a contracting scam:

  • Watch out for door-to-door solicitors – Be wary of anyone who comes to your home offering their construction services. If they promise discounts, ask for cash payments, and are pushy – stay away. These are telltale signs of a scam. In general, professional contractors in Saskatoon will start by thoroughly examining the scope of the project and the design of your home. Then they’ll take time to work on an accurate general estimate. This way, they can ensure that you’re completely comfortable before they start the project.
  • Always authenticate – Get verification on a construction company immediately after speaking with any contractor. Do they have a website? Do they mention proper licensing and insurance? These are important ways to tell legitimate companies from those who are just out to take your money. Call and talk with them about their services and ask them about their experience in this field.
  • Ask for references and follow up – While asking about a company’s experience, ask them for references, too. If they seem hesitant to offer you contact information for past clients, think twice about hiring them. Once you get references, make sure you follow up. You need to hear from prior clients so you can get a idea of how the contractor operates their business – and to prove that they’re a real company.

When you need trusted, reputable general contractors in Saskatoon to help you with remodeling, home additions, and other construction projects, call J.A.B.A. Construction to request a quote. You can rely on our Saskatoon contractors for honest, quality work.